Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Election Day!

I hope you all rocked the vote today.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to vote.  It’s your civic duty.  Exercise your right to be informed and to choose.  Okay, I’m off the soapbox.

So. Did everyone have a wonderful Tuesday?  Today didn’t start out on the right foot for me.  I set my alarm to go off at 6:00 this morning, and the next thing I know, my eyeballs popped open at 8:06.  Yikes!  I’m always on the train by this time.  Lucky for me, my workplace is casual and relaxed. I sent a text to my boss and said I’d be in around 10:30.  No biggie.  As I was getting ready to put my sneakers on to head out the door, I realized that my argyle socks were inside out!  Oh well.

Being that I was in a rush, I made the not-so-healthy choice of a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast.  There is an Au Bon Pain (conveniently) located in the concourse of the train station, so I figured it can’t hurt.

Next stop was Starbucks. I usually indulge in their pumpkin spice latte, but seeing as it’s November, the peppermint mocha is back. So I had to get it.  My first peppermint mocha of the season, and probably my last.  Because Transitions starts on Sunday!  I talked to Meredith today and she said that there are definitely three people on the Sunday call, and possibly as many as five.  I may as well get the indulgences in now before I make the jump to cut out my bad dietary habits.

Work was a crazy blur, as usual.  We have a performance coming up this Thursday and Friday.  YOU need to buy your tickets!  There is also an after party on Friday immediately following the performance, hosted by yours truly.  I’ll be tending bar that night too.  My company was fortunate enough to have a beer sponsorship by Philly-based Yards Brewery.  So, beer and wine tastings are included with your door fee.  $25.  Tax deductible.  Come!

Didn’t have a chance to eat lunch until 3:30 today.  I got a chicken salad sandwich on rye toast from my favorite pizzeria, City View Pizza, on 16th & Spring Garden.  This sandwich was massive.  I’m telling you, it could have fed a small country.  I only ate half and saved the other.  Lunch tomorrow!  While we’re on the topic of City View Pizza, I highly recommend their BBQ chicken pizza.  Seriously.  It’s slammin’.  And when you dip it in ranch dressing – heavenly.  Their slices are ginormous as well, so one slice will definitely satisfy.  I have to put that on my list for lunch this week.  Last slice of pizza for a bit!  And, since I will be changing jobs, I won’t be around the corner from the joint anymore.  Next time I am in the neighborhood, I can look forward to CVP as a treat.  Treats aren’t so bad in moderation.

Today marks the second day of the 21-Day Challenge!  Day two was a light exercise day and only required a 1-mile walk plus upper body strength training.  I did complete the one mile DVD, plus I used 3-pound hand weights.  I also walk to work everyday from the train, so that’s one mile each way.  I completed a total of three miles on foot today!  That deserves a pat on the back J

Here’s a little tip from me before I sign off for the night.  If you go into itunes and search Gabrielle Bernstein, you’ll be able to download her meditations right onto your ipod.  When I first put them on my ipod, they were free downloads.  I’m not sure if they are still free, but it’s worth checking out.  One of my favorite meditations is the Sleeping Meditation.  Every night when I go to bed, I put that meditation on repeat.  Just a few deep breaths and I am out like a light.  Gabrielle explains when you are in a meditative state, you calm your beta frequency brain waves and relax into your alpha frequency brain waves.  When your brain is in the alpha state, your mind is very creative.  In the Sleeping Meditation, Gabby helps you to practice calm breathing.  At night when I lie in bed, I inhale and say to myself “I have courage.”  When exhaling, I think “I have faith.”  I repeat the breathing pattern and use different phrases – peace, serenity, calm, acceptance, etc.  And I always end with breathing in “stillness” and breathing out “silence.”  Works every time.

Let me know how things are working out for you!  Thanks for the comments and emails.  I’ve received a few already.  Keep them coming!

Live well,

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